TF2 podcast seeks SFM animator

Posted on: Aug 7th 2017 by Agro

My lurching attempt to revitalise our YouTube channel brought with it the realisation that creating a video-a-week after editing a podcast-a-week is a lot of additional work. So I did the traditional YouTube thing; I just stopped, and didn’t tell anyone. That’s a really lousy *out* and has weighed heavy on my mind ever since.

Up steps former KritzKast audio editor Micah,  (fresh from editing Podcast76 the Overwatch podcast) looking for challenge.  They are going to apply their newly formed skills to undertake KritzKast YouTube revival’s re-revival.

What we’re looking for is someone (or a group of someones) to work on this in the area neither Micah nor I are particularly good at; i.e. animations. We’d like you to make two to four short animations, for our intro, outro, gallery and ‘player of the week’. The first of which (intro) has been storyboarded by Micah below.

We firmly believe in attribution and paying artists for their work.  You or your team absolutely will be paid for this work. If this is of interest to you please complete the application below.

Update! We’ve found our team for the animations. Thanks to everyone who applied.