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Posted on: Aug 1st 2018 by CriticalFlaw

A list of awesome Team Fortress 2 sites, tools, resources and more
curated by CriticalFlaw
If you have a TF2 link to add, please drop a message in the comments below.

Annual Charity Events

hugs.TF – UK-based charity livestream event benefiting Special Effect: The Gamer’s Charity
Tip of the Hats – US based charity livestream event benefiting One Step Camp.

Community Sites

FuckYeahTF2 – Tumblr for everything and anything TF2-related, namely artwork showcases.
KritzKast – THE Team Fortress 2 Podcast, hosted every Saturday by Agro.
Teamwork.TF – Community Quickplay, Jarate Pages, news and stats about Team Fortress 2.
r/TF2 – Subreddit dedicated to any and all Team Fortress 2 content; news, jokes, discussions.
Essentials.TF – Competitive and community news aggregator.

Competitive – Wiki for TF2’s esport scene
ETF2L – European league, for Highlander and 6v6. Home of the Nations Cup Tournaments.
Team Fortress TV – Competitive TF2 news, events, discussions, streams, stats and more!
UGC League – Worldwide League, primarily catering to North American Highlander and 6v6.
ozfortress – Australia’s 6v6 League
RGL – Prolander (7v7) League for NA, EU and AU. Also NA Highlander league.
ESEA – NA 6v6 League

Competitive Streams

KritzKast – Streams competitive 6v6, Highlander, Prolander matches from EU and rest of world.
TFLIVEtv – Streams competitive 6v6 from Australia’s ozfortress.
Team Fortress TV – Streams 6v6 for NA, EU


CFG.TF – Open-source hub dedicated to generating custom Team Fortress 2 configurations.
GameBanana – Treasure trove of mods including custom skins, maps, UIs, models and animations.
HUDS.TF – A repository of community developed custom HUDs and hitsounds.
TF2Maps – Dedicated community for TF2 level design, mapping resource, tutorials and 72-Hour Jams!

Official Valve endorsed Sites

Merchandise – WeLoveFine’s official store selling original and community submitted items.
Team Fortress 2 Blog – Development team’s blog and host for TF2’s comics and update history.
Team Fortress 2 Wiki – All encompassing resource for the entire Team Fortress series.
Steam Community Market – Buy and sell items with other Steam community members.
Steam Workshop – Submit new in-game items for Valve’s consideration, and view others’ works.
Source Games’ Issues – Bug reports and feature requests tracker for TF2 and Source Engine.
Team Fortress 2 YouTube – Home of Valve Software’s “Meet the Team” videos
Team Fortress 2 Twitter – Emergency resource for posting updates


Marketplace.TF – Securely buy and sell TF2 items with cash. No trade holds or hidden fees.
Scrap.TF – Home to automated Steam trading, scrap/hat banking, raffles and more!
TF2 Outpost – Community-created site for organizing item, games or cash traders.
STN Trading – buy and sell items “For the discerning gentleperson”

Useful Tools

Backpack.TF – Crowd-sourced pricelist, keeping track of user’s backpack values and much more!
SteamRep – An invaluable trading tool that lets you check if a potential trader is a scammer.
CastingEssentials – A plugin that enhances the viewing experience of both casters and viewers.
Loadout.TF – A web-app that lets you create custom loadouts without restrictions.
VTFEdit – For creating Valve Texture Format (VTF) files, used as textures or sprays in-game.
GCFScape – An app that can open and extract Source Engine content packed as .gcf and .vpk files.
Modelling resources and Tutorials – Created by Pogo for KritzKast

Video Content

Twitch – Team Fortress 2 streams on Twitch
YouTube – Filtered by most recent content






TFCL, an up-and-coming TF2 Pro League.


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