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Posted on: Jan 25th 2017 by Agro

I was lucky enough to visit Valve’s HQ this week. It was a social visit; checking in with a some people KritzKast has had the opportunity to interview in the past. I was joined by a couple of my fellows from TFCrew Uncle Dane, Jewlander as well as spectator mod coder – Pazer. We were given a “behind the scenes” tour of the offices. I can attest, Valve’s stationary closet is neat (though the light switch could be easier to find).


While we didn’t get much time with the TF2 dev team, and most of what we saw would be spoilers were we to share, I can at least say this. The TF2 cabal, as apposed to those we saw of their other released title’s, was filled with frenetic energy. Yes, the team is small, but everyone wants to be there. They are throwing their hearts into preparing new content. At the same time they are fixing the mistakes of the past. Actual fixes, not just patches on top of patches. Code that will make the game more robust and open to new or revised elements.

Sure, Team Fortress 2 is an old bird. The game is coming up for ten years of public availability. It was built on a version of Source which itself has evolved far beyond it’s original constraints. With this team working it now I don’t think we need to worry about it slipping over in the shower for a long while yet. If anything you’d better Watch out if you drop the soap.

Competition time completed

While we were there Makani – a.k.a. Heather Campbell was nice enough to sign some of the Saxton Hale comic covers. KritzKast wants to give one of these away.

In our prior interview with her she mentioned that she’d add the Lo-Fi Longwave to an upcoming comic. All you have to do to enter for your chance to win a Signed Saxton Hale Series comic cover is fill in this form with your name, steam profile and the comic+page the Lo-Fi first appeared on. The winner will be chosen (at random) on Saturday 28th Jan 2017 just before the show kicks off properly.

This is a physical prize so I’ll be emailing the winner for their details. If you’re not comfortable giving me that then please don’t enter. If you win and can’t accept the prize, or you don’t respond to my email in 48 hours I’ll pick another winner. You can enter as many times as you like (within reason) but I will be scanning for anyone trying to game the system.

Well that went smoothly, congratulations to our winner, ApertureBonnie. You lucky tyke, you. 

Blood in the Water page 33

So long as there are Balloonicorns there will be KritzKast.





I’m so excited!I’m happy that the dev team puts their heart on this.Keep the news coming!



I freaking won!I’m shamed that I wasn’t in chat in the moment.Thank you guys a lot 😀

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