Weekly Warehouse #1

Posted on: Dec 11th 2011 by Hideous

Hey there, and welcome to the inaugural Weekly Warehouse post! This is a segment in which I’ll be going through some of the best Steam Warehouse submissions of the week, and hopefully some of the best underdogs that people have missed. Considering the month and how far we are away from the holidays, this first week will be dedicated to festive items. Click on the images to get to the workshop pages!

The Cookie Cutter

For the distuinguished... cookie.
As a spy, you’ll be able to take one sweet stab at killing your foes. Great work by Jman – it is not an easy task to make gingerbread actually look like gingerbread, and the frosting is especially well-made.


The Wooly Whacker

The strong and manly Pogo has created a herding staff, clearly designed to make sure your team actually pushes little cart. With a long and hard wooden pole, I’m sure you can knock quite a few people out cold.


It was his sleigh?
Orko here has crafted himself a beautiful snowglobe with a small model of the Sniper’s childhood home complete with a built-in snowing particle system (and that’s easier said than done, I’ll tell you) to remind you of…. childhood christmases, I suppose.

The Biggest Present

A rather clever minigun replacement by Colossal and SNIPA – instead of replacing the entire minigun, it works as a kind of “hat” for it – it’s placed on top of the base minigun, just like the Natascha.

The Ursa Major

3 people – Sparkwire, Void and Primrose – have created this kind of officer’s coat by adding some padding and such on top of the existing kevlar vest Heavy wears. Personally, I’m a huge fan of anything that cleverly adds on to the base player’s clothing or equipment.

The Nutcase’s Knot

I am the greatest gift to mankind.
Like I said just above, anything that adds on the base player is an instant win for me – we really do need more things that add on the base hats, for example. Here’s a good one by Sexy Robot.

Ocular Ornaments

Gooooogly eyes
Haha, what. TheBoxman does his decorations right.

Jingle Hell

Jingly jingly.
Jingle bells, Heavy smells, Medic laid an egg. A bunch of furious prawns can’t be worked into the lyrics, though.

EDIT: Congratulations to A Bunch of Furious Prawns for getting his item in-game!

Tracker’s Jacket

It gets cold!
Some kind of winter coat for Sniper with incredibly well-hidden seams between the original shirt and the extended sleeves, by professor punt

The Missile Toe

Punny as fuck.
I have a weakness for puns. At least it’s not a rocket lawnchair! Created by Pie_Tony, Sharc and Jacen

So yeah, that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to browse the workshop and upvote the items you like!





oh god some of them were bad puns (especialy missile toe) hope to see em in game even if there on fake style



thx for stealing my idea



We’ve been building this for weeks and Hideous brought the idea to us long before that. I’ve had a look at your site though, some really cool stuff highlighted there.

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