Weekly Warehouse #2

Posted on: Dec 19th 2011 by Hideous

And so we have reached week 2 of the warehouse postings! It might be one day late, but as they say, better Nate than lever.

Portable Death Ray

The ever-lovely Svdl uses his modeling and texturing magic to bring us a more in-universe interpretation of a raygun. Rather than the outlandish steampunk items created by Weta Workshop, this actually looks like it could be from the same universe.

The Limited Eyesight

Gerbil, who also created the Cremator’s Conscience has come up with this Beatles-y hairstyle for the Scout. Feels like something that might’ve come from a saturday morning cartoon, don’t you think?

The French Fryer

Execute a one-two-punch without using any fancy DNA replacing syringes with just a simple whack of your metal implement. Created by BANG!, who also created the Soda Popper/Bonk Boy/Winger/Atomizer item set.

The Gut-Bucket

Sexy Robot must be planning to go on a desert adventure, as he has packed himself a big ol’ water bottle and slapped it onto Soldier’s belt. It’s a subtle but very cool detail, and thus I am obviously a huge fan of it.

The Lucky Shot

I need to ask greenbomber how to spell “genieuus” (geneus? ginus? genius?), because clearly he is one. As can be seen, this is a copy of the default helmet, but with added cracks and a big honking missile-rocket-thingy sticking out of it, and now I kind of wish I had come up with the idea myself.

Petite Morte Fleur

Frump has created a very stylish knife in the same styling as the Ambassador, except this one is actually team colored, which the Ambassador was probably meant to be originally.

The HandiCap

The ever vigilant Jackablade and our very own amazingly handsome Ruskeydoo have created this helmet for the Engineer (which, just like the Lucky Shot above, is a modification of the base helmet, I believe, except it has an Ambient Occlusion bake on it) with a Gyro Gearloose-esque hand sticking out of it. Great for… playing really complicated piano songs, maybe.

Pneumatic Pounder

Pogo, after months of not touching this beauty, finally convinced void to create the texture for this beautiful pnematic hammer. It has a subtle team yellow paint on the switch and gas cylinder, to add that extra sexy touch to it.

Rifleman’s Rallycap

Hideous, who totally isn’t me at all, no sir, made this hat ages ago, and he thought that you should probably see it. (Shameless self-promotion? I would never!)

Lovely Luke

EVIL, Sparkwire/Twilight Sparkle andPrimrose made a wrench that will probably give you wrist injuries faster than if you were working at Initech every day. This thing has a very beautiful wood texture, and nearly as good metal on it.

And so, that’s all I have for you this week. I’ll see you all after the holidays!


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