Weekly Warehouse #3

Posted on: Jan 22nd 2012 by Hideous

And I’m back! It’s been a month, but hopefully I can keep up the weekly-ness now. This week we have everything from helmets, to softcaps and a rifle with a chain attached.

Chain of Command

Svdl gets on the ball with a… chaingun! Oh, the puns. The hilarious puns. But in all seriousness, this is a clever alternative use for the shotgun animations – even if the pumping probably wouldn’t work all that well.

The Cuban Coverup

A massive list of creators – Psyke, Twilight Sparkle~, Nugget_ep, head warmin’ void and Primrose~ have all come together to create a magnificent Cuban dictator-style beard, complete with cigar. This was actually made possible by the recent christmas update, where Valve added the possibility for items to have face morphing, so they can follow the facial animations on the characters.

The Leatherette

Way back in the day, there was no such thing as “plastic” – or if there was, it was crazy expensive and newfangled anyway. Ducksink has recreated the kind of hardhat that was used before this magic material existed, and it is instead crafted from leather.

The Cribbler

>>–THE CUNTSMAN—> says: “Want a new TF2 item? Why not Zoidberg?”

The Goalkeeper

Larolaro, who you may know from the Mannotechnology update, the Shogun update or perhaps from the very first Polycount update, created this beautiful beast of an anti-missile turret – named after the function it would perform. Imagine the unstoppable beast Heavy would become if no rockets, stickies, grenades or huntsman arrows could reach him!

Some spare eyes.

VLEK, our very own Russian workshopper, made a jiggleboned (meaning the head of this thing will look around in different directions as you move around) parrot to sit on Demo’s shoulder – which goes perfect with his semi-pirate theme. I mean, after all, he wears an eyepatch. That’s very… pirate-y.

The Chain Reaction

Pogo, oh Pogo. You’ve done it again. This time, we have a paintable Mad Max-style motorcycle helmet, perfect if you need just a little more head protection than a hardhat can get you. Very impressed with the details – a lot of work has gone into the straps and the mechanism that pulls them together, to make it look believable.

The Perceptive Primitive

Sexy Robot, who you may also know from the Outback Intellectual, created this flat softcap to go with it. I think it’s about time Sniper started working as a sheep farmer in… Wales, probably. Maybe New Zealand. That’s almost Australia.

The Icebreaker

BANG!, who has made many a thing in the game, like the Bonk Boy, has crafted what is probably the prettiest damn melee weapon I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s essentially a piece of glowing rock attached to a fire poker, and it’s just so well made! The way the glow works on it is amazingly pretty, with careful attention paid to how it is spread out.

The Piper

And finally, Ducksink does it again, with the Tinman set – seen here is his flamethrower replacement. Overall, I might say it’s a bit gray, but he manages to make the gray just work on it.

And that’s all for this week, folks. If all goes well… see you next week!


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