Weekly Warehouse #4

Posted on: Jan 30th 2012 by Hideous

What’s this? A number 4? Well, I never! Now, you say “But Hideous, these are only 6 items! Last week you had 10” – and I say, sure, maybe I did. But then I say if I keep it to 10 every week I am going to run out of items. So now it’s 6 items. And now, you will read about them. YOU WILL READ.

The Aetherizer 9000

Gerbil and Mnemosynaut are a Dynamic Duo(tm) – one of them modeled this beauty of a laserbow, the other textured it and wrote a limerick in IRC. This was an entry for the Retrofuture Mod Competition!

Silenced Special

Svdl created the model andNassimO textured this beautiful silenced pistol for the Spy, as a departure from the revolvers that are usually equipped by the class. You’d think that the reload animation would be problematic, but then, he just pulls the gun close to the camera… Works fine!

Handyman’s Hand

Svdl again? It never ends. This time, as a pun on the Handyman’s Handle item (the plunger that goes on Pyro’s head!), there’s a hand on Pyro’s hand, but not just any hand. I mean, haven’t you wondered where Engineer put his hand when it was replaced with the Gunslinger?

The Primson 54

Twilight Sparkle~, Svdl, andPrimrose~ created this rifle, as another entry for the Retrofuturism Mod Competition. It’s a very nice blend of an organic-looking rifle stock with the more mechanical parts of the future-y… stuff.

RoBro 3000

Jormungandrson and Nidhogg the Mobile Dragon created a floaty robot follower for all the lonely Engineers on the battlefield. Seriously, just look at the video on the workshop page – it’s incredibly well-made, just so goddamn beautiful. Another entry to the mod competition!

Malicious War Paint

Ducksink takes Pyro to the spa with the best. item. ever. With the most clever name it could possibly have. Brilliant.

And that’s all, folks. See you next week!


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