Weekly Warehouse #5

Posted on: Jun 1st 2012 by Hideous

“Hideous, this is getting ridiculous. You can’t call it a weekly warehouse when there’s a three month gap between posts!” you might say. Well, screw that, I say. I have a title, and I’m sticking with it. And so, without further ado, this week’s six items, after the break:

Combustable Lemon Launcher

Twilight Sparkle~, Primrose~, BADGERPIG, and Roast have all come together to realize all of our Cave Johnson-related wet dreams, in the form of a Combustible Lemon Launcher for Pyro. Personally, I would argue that the wrong logo is being used, as it uses the Aperture 80s logo and TF2 is set in the late 60s, but hey, details.

The Commander’s Confidant

Icosahedron 2.0 made a turtle out of Soldier’s helmet. A turtle. Seriously. This is one of the most clever items I have seen in a very, very long time. Haha, turtles.

Big Man’s Bush V2

Now, thanks to .cCc. NeoDement, you too can become a sleazy mercenary version of Ron Jeremy or other assorted rich creeps, with the Big Man’s Bush stuck under your lip, complete with sexy gold chain and creepy chest hair. I really like the chain, as it is a very clever way of hiding the seam between the fake skin and the shirt on both Sniper’s and Heavy’s chest.

Superb Soaker

And again, .cCc. NeoDement surprises us with a fantastic summer-themed item for Soldier. Were this put in the game, I could imagine it would have some really unique and interesting stats, obviously including extinguishing of friendly people on fire.

Fishermans Flatcap

Hawf the Super Rad, who is indeed quite a radical person, made what would be my new favourite Soldier hat, if it makes it into the game. With serious style, hair growth and plaidness, this thing just blows my mind with how well-made it is.

The Rocket Repulsor

Twilight Sparkle~, SNIPA, and BANTER come together to make one beautiful monster of a flamethrower. Look at those pipes! The fan! The attention to detail on this thing is really, really good – SNIPA has come a long way since he created the Tomislav set for Heavy.

There we go then, six new items for you to ogle and gawk at, or maybe if you prefer another synonym for looking at things, you can do that too. Until next time!


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