Weekly Warehouse #6

Posted on: Jun 10th 2012 by Hideous

This week, I’m dedicating this post to Facepunch modding competition entries. There’s some pretty nice stuff inside – come have a look!

The Notenwerfer

«·GT500·».JZeeba {Sgt.Pyro} and Hopkins FBI worked together to create the Notenwerfer – it werfs notens, in case you didn’t know. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cosmetic Medic backpacks, as they use a region used by gameplay objects (the quick fix backpack), but this one’s actually pretty nice.


Orko made a tuba that shoots rockets. It’s a wartuba. It wars tubas? No, that doesn’t work. It’s sexy, anyway. Very creative work!

The Harmonic Convenience

The one free-man got together with… nobody, and made this hands-free harmonica all on his own. Great for playing guitar at the same time, or smashing a Spy’s face in with a wrench in a more melodic manner, I suppose.

Hippie’s Haircut

Svdl and uh, me – Hideous – created this haircut for Soldier. Self-promoting things? Maybe. But come on, it’s christmas, right? I think?

The Six Barrel Serenade

Pogo made one of the currently most popular items ever on the workshop, the Six Barrel Serenade. It’s a minigun in a guitar case, inspired by the movie Desperados, and it is just all five kinds of sexy.

The Beatophone

el goku and Segab created a swingin’ 20s Pyro set, with this flamethrower as the highlight of it all. It’s a real beautiful piece based on around a gramophone, except this one doesn’t launch sweet music at your ears.

And I suppose that’s all I had for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed another installment of the Weekly Warehouse (which really should be called the Weekly Workshop, but I named it wrong to start with, and I’ve only got myself to blame.)


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