Weekly Warehouse #7

Posted on: Jun 17th 2012 by Hideous

3 in a row, more or less without delays? That’s crazy-talk. For this week, I haven’t gone with a specific theme – I have, however, included a few older items… because the workshop sorting seems to be all out of whack at the moment. Seriously, guys-who-work-at-Valve, pull yourself together!

So yeah – 2 heavy items, 2 Spy items, 1 Sniper and 1 Soldier item. A merry collection of whatsits and doodads, gizmos and… other word for strange device. Let’s get started, shall we?

The War Saw Fact

Noors made a saw. For the Heavy. No, really! Although this is a really, really, really beautiful weapon, I’m not really sure how you would be able to hit anything with it. Gameplay-wise, it’s a problem. But style-wise? Bring it on!

Ice-Cream Sandvich

Twilight Sparkle~ fluffiest poni and Primrose~ gets ready for Summertime and gives Heavy something to chew on, in the form of an Ice-Cream Sandwich. Sorry, I mean Sandvich. Beautiful design, though I’m not really sure about putting it in a bucket of ice… It would certainly stand out from the Steak and Sandvich plates, however.

“SANDY” (spy clock)

henaro has a rather original idea for the Spy – an hourglass! I think this is a pretty clever item, however, it is kind of lacking in the texture and model department, and it doesn’t even look like he’s actually compiled it for the game engine – so there’s no telling if it would fit on the Spy’s arm at all.

The “Counterfeat”

What has severe blood loss and no watch? Your left arm, after Ritz and AyesDyef stabbed you and ripped your watch from your cold, dead wrist. A beautiful item with a very original design, but perhaps not very 60s spy-movie-esque.

The Thousand-Yarder

theCommie took the british World War 1 (and 2) rifle, Lee Enfield, and TF2-ifyed it. The result is a beautiful weapon of mass headshottery, with a massive scope and a completely illogical reloading system (Why is there a magazine if Sniper only ever pulls the bolt? Why do I care about realism in a game where holding a certain bat can make you jump three times? Some questions will never be answered.).

The Second Amendment

Svdl is a monster, a beast and a savage barbarian who has an endless supply of incredible items. Seriously, this rifle would make sliced bread jealous. I’m in love with this rifle, I want it to have my hybrid rifle/human-babies. And then I’ll raise them to be evil and help me take over the world, so I can get Firefly back on the air. I may have gone off on a tangent there, but the point is, this rifle is amazing. Great job, Svdl.

I suppose that’s all for this week, folks. Until next time – you stay classy, San Diego.





Just so you’re aware, the SMLE’s magazine was really only to be detached for maintenance. The standard reloading method was via charger, but with glass on it, one at a time would be the next pick anyway.



Oh, well… I can’t say I’m an expert on guns, so thanks for the info.



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