Weekly Warehouse #8

Posted on: Aug 17th 2012 by Hideous

And so, it was once again time for a “weekly” warehouse. Agro? More like Nagro. Anyway, you people really should comment more on these posts, maybe that’d get me riled up enough to post more. Or maybe I should put an alarm on my phone. Well, whatever, I’m too cool to do things on time, obviously.

The Chilean Cutthroat

void and Pogo once again come together, right now, to create a magnificent new item, and this time they’ve really thought out of the box. Get it? Because it’s a box cutter? Man, I’m funny.

Original Grenade Launcher [REUPLOAD]

Pie_Tony, magnumpi and The Assyrian/Athuraya have recreated the grenade launcher from the original Quake/Team Fortress as a replacement for Demoman’s Grenade Launcher. That is a fact. Giraffes grow up to 314 feet tall. That is also a fact. But saying that this grenade launcher is straight-up glorious? That’s just my opinion. Which might as well be taken as a fact.

The Snapshot

boomsta wants you to shoot your family. With a camera. Shaped like a gun. There’s a pun in here somewhere, can’t really work it out. Anyway, this is a very original and well-executed concept for a pistol replacement – perhaps it could be a hologram projector or something similar?

The Aqua-Arium

I must confess that I am normally not a fan of Pyro head replacements as they kind of change the face and thus the character of the Pyro, but Napy Da Wise and Pie_Tony have really created something I would likely use myself were it in the game. It captures the style of the original pyro helmet, while still adding, well, a fish.

The Fox-Tie

Pie_Tony and Robo_Savvy (do these guys ever stop?) have created this homage to Solid Snake (or possibly Naked Snake) for the Sniper and hot damn is it good! It seems to give Sniper’s face a whole new “character” to it, for lack of a better word.

Shady Business

RoboDement created this spy hat and glasses, which I’m told is a reference to something. Honestly, I think it’s nice that it’s just a regular old pair of glasses and a regular old hat – sure, the silly stuff is nice, but sometimes you just want to wear an honest to god normal hat.

Well then, that’s all for this week, folks. Let’s just hope I can get my various bodyparts to drag me to my computer to write another one next week – should be doable if Agro keeps on doing what he does. Now, stay classy San Diego, and I’ll see you in a week!





i love this valve-time weekly warehouse



I really enjoy these. Thanks Hideous! Here, have some appreciation.



Why is the Doctor Alamo not on this list? Clearly the best thing in the workshop atm. Seriously.



I really like your writingstyle and sometimes almost Valve-like humor, your selection is always very good too



@Gibson: Because I made the Doctor Alamo hat, and I generally try to not promote myself too much.

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