Weekly Warehouse #9: NotLU Edition

Posted on: Sep 9th 2012 by Hideous

This week I’m focusing on halloween items, and in fact all Night of the Living Update 2 items. I mean, after all, it is almost October! Fun times. Let’s go.


MultiTrip and Pony Fucking Horse Licker (what.) made a neato gas mask for Pyro! It’s green, scary and looks more like it’s made to keep gas inside the mask rather than outside it. Not a very safe decision, Pyro!


VLEK, the “resident russian” (Gotta have alliteration!) created a witch hat, as you can clearly see, provided you have eyes. The one thing I don’t like about this, and in fact most of VLEK’s items, is that it is jiggleboned when it really doesn’t need to be. Not everything in the game needs to jiggle, and in fact most things shouldn’t, as it’s a performance drain.

Spooky Joe

Psyke, from Liverpool together with Treythepunkid, from New Zealand and Constructor from Location Unknown™ (who also recently got a Medic Gas Mask in the game. Find it in your nearest Fall Crate!) created a ghost of our dearest monkeynaut, Poopy Joe, as a floating companion. I don’t really have much else to say. I do like it though!

Chiseled Chin

Psyke and, again, Treythepunkid created an amazing prosthetic chin for Engineer, as a reference to Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead. This is my boomstick.


Gerbil created another Pyro head replacement – now he’s a bee/bug/spider thing! I’d make a joke about Spiderman, but we still don’t know if Pyro truly is a man.

Clergyman’s Collar

MultiTrip created this priest collar suit for Spy. Father Ted, anyone?

That’s all, folks! Let’s hope Agro can push me to do another one next week – I’ll certainly do my best.





Well it is cool but There wont be another night of the living update i think.



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