What happened to the podcast already?

Posted on: Apr 7th 2020 by Agro

Short answer: it evolved.

Even shorter answer: *takes off glasses, rubs eyes, remembers too late not to touch face* ugh.

Slightly longer answer:

It’s been a while since Valve has shown any public commitment to TF2. That makes it much harder to push out regular weekly content based on an ever-changing game. That’s not to say the community has stood still. In the time between the last identifiable pod and it’s current YouTube-esk long/short form video-only style there have been multiple and significant purely community based content releases. The commitment from the community to this game is, as ever, near overwhelming. It reaffirms my belief that this was the right game to get involved with and the last 10+ years of my life participating in as many events as I could have been absolutely worth it.

With previous co-hosts now all gone their separate ways it has fallen to me, Agro, to own the tasks of creating, editing, releasing and monitoring TF2 content from this channel. That’s a lot. And frankly I can see why content creators burn out when confronted with similar tasks. For me though I’d made a commitment to both to KritzKast and to TF2. The tag line we’d been using for such a long time, “So long as there’s TF2 there will be KritzKast” were my own words and something I intended to live by. It did mean that during my low point I wasn’t so much focused on creating brilliant content. More that I was just hanging in there with Saturday twitch streams often being *a bunch of mates play MvM*.

I’ve had a few changes to my lifestyle happen in 2020, as have we all, but this has opened me up to rethinking what KritzKast “the podcast” should look like from now on. The format I’ve landed on is a one-to-one chat style interview while playing and streaming TF2. The working title for which is “playing TF2 with”. I know, original. I grab someone who has impacted TF2 in some way either right now or in the past and just talk to them about life, love, TF2 and chilli hot sauce, or whatever else is relevant to them at that time. I try and keep the conversation to less than 1½hours because that seems sensible and if TF2 isn’t their bag anymore then that could be all they can manage in one sitting. At time of writing I’ve invited an editor to work on translating these rambling conversations into something that at least resembles content and those videos will go up shortly. It may even make sense to release these in audio format to add to the RSS directly.

As for KritzKast as a group and community we go from strength to strength. Wiethoofd joined in 2017/18. (I hope he’ll forgive me for not remembering exactly when). In doing so he introduced Highlander and other competitive content to our audience. The stream quality has taken a sharp rise and now more people than ever know what KritzKast is, even if they don’t know what it was. You only need to visit our YouTube or Twitch page to see row upon row of competitive coverage ranging from 6s to Prolander to Highlander to Ready Steady Pan and Nations Cup content. This has allowed our YouTube channel to surge past 10K subs and opens us up to Twitch partnership in the near future.

Finally our community hasn’t been forgotten. Our Discord is at least as strong as our steam community was and while being in either location doesn’t automatically fast track you to getting a lo-fi longwave hat it does on Discord at least put you in the running with our current Edging Competition.





what doesn’t burn you out makes us happy



Good luck man



Thanks for all of the hard work!

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