KritzKast #222: Toppling Toys

Posted on: May 30th 2013 by DougRattmann

srsbusinessIts indigogo all the way this week with both US and Australia/New Zealand┬áreaching their targets to bring teams to i49. While we’re on the topic of the UK’s biggest LAN party, someone is looking to set their friend up for a blind date there. Apparently she’s slim, about 5’6″ and into gaming. No words on how old she is but she is from Wales so take that into consideration before you apply.

eXtv are back with their Top10 videos. This will have been the first for quite some months. From the same video factory there’s a round up of the 2nd hundred Moments of Glory. Watch out for the Lo-Fi toting pyro at the end.

There have been updates of course as well, but only little things like fixing the VR Mode for OSX users and making the Practioner’s Processing Mask┬áinto a neck item, not a face one. We’re more interested in what 3A have to offer with their blurry Heavy image. If their Portal 2 offerings are anything to go by we may be in for a treat.





Scroll down, there is some promos for:
Red & Blu Engineer Figures
Red & Blu Sniper Figures
Red & Blu Scout Figures



Also, the whole list of hats to come with the promos:

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