KritzKast #235: i49

Posted on: Aug 29th 2013 by Agro

Camera7Multiplay’s Insomnia events earn their name. i49 has left us all in need of a damn good sleep.

As always we celebrated the event with a special episode featuring some of the stars of the show. Our editing space was given to us by our friends over at UKCS.

We have to thank the newest additions to our team, Comedian and Skyride who produced some of the best coverage including the epic “Land of the Brave” ad-hoc chroma-key video. Also joining us was Helene from Gamers United.

Camera1As well as the usual cast we had some random guests (including but not limited to): The Heartsman; Chaplain, KnOxXx and Numlocked from Epsilon eSports; Lange from; Tapley; Arx and Beta from vanillatv; a couple of random Aussie tourists (who were carrying the legendary Haribo); wm from ozfortressaccless the demon artist.

You get the idea. If we’ve missed anyone let us know in the comments and we’ll add to the list. Suffice to say we had an awesome time and wish you could have all been there to enjoy it with us. Maybe next year?

Lastly we want to thank CDJO and PatrickJr for their awesome SFM artwork that we’ve been making sporadic use of during the weekend.

Xerces [UKCS]


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