Meet The Team2


Agro – The Pyro
Agro may think he’s the most important member of the team and as such should go at the top of the page. Little does he know that I’ve just arranged this in alphabetical order. Won’t he get a shock when I introduce the two new members of our team: Aardvark and _RATS. Still,he was here at the very first episode and has managed to survive assassination attempts. It’s lucky he enjoys long walks on beaches because that’s all he does in his spare time. Or would do, if we ever gave him any.

Hardcore Helpers

Uberchain does a lot of SFM art….A LOT. So much so i can almost guarantee you’ve seen some of her work without realizing it. Whether its from Commissions she does, art for us, or the work she puts in over at Speaking of which, she is our inside lady into the workings of TF2 competitive and all of the surrounding culture. Boy are we glad to have her around. The rest of us don’t even know who sideshow is.
Seemingly obsessed with a certain anime character who appears serene in daily life yet surrounds herself with snacks and pop and video games, the comparison to our Donkie is uncanny. You may have heard of her as PA Donkie. Heck you may have played with her if you’ve stepped foot into KKvMvM (That is her domain). To us, she is the source of many news stories, watcher of the live stream chat, booter of the n00b flamer.


Chronos – The American Demoman
Chronos is both an American and a Demoman. When not being rudely interrupted during his personal time to write inane, narcissistic biographical write-ups for websites, Chronos is lovingly married to a person, and actually makes all his money of off being a draftsman – NOT a plumber who “came by to lay down some pipe,” as has been suggested far too often. Oh, also, he’s got a bunch of guns. Woohoo. I’m sure you’re now impressed

Tempest – One of your Many Hosts

We decided some time ago, possibly after meeting Chronos, to introduce the regular hosts to the sport of “running away”. Tempest was actually one of the early survivorswinners of the game and as a special prize he was allowed to come back. To this day he’s never told anyone how he won but there is a rumour that the remains of a hollowed out tauntaun have been found near his release cage.
Ruskeydoo – The Gentleman Heavy
Fine Artist, 3d Modeller, Musician, Juggler, LARPer, Go player, Prop-Maker, lover… Women want to be with him, men want to be with him. Ruskeydoo was added to the KK team after hanging around so long it became socially awkward not to. Famous for his love of sandviches, it is purely coincidental that his wife’s birthday is also on World Sandwich Day.
Sir Grey – The Suave Spy
Imagine for a moment that you are sat in a dark cinema; peeling your trainers (temporarily adhered with the remains of one thousand dropped pieces of sickly sweet popcorn), from the floor. Listen now to the Mr. Announcer-guy as he informs you in a syrupy thick, deep baritone┬áthat this next feature will be “coming soon”. The moment I heard Sir Grey I was taken back to just such a memory and I knew that we simply had to have him on the show. *This is the story we tell, but in reality we are just waiting for him to get comfortable and fall asleep, leaving the door to his unusual hat collection ajar..
I don’t think we have his name right here. Not to worry, DougMicha will fix it in post.
Hi DougMicha! When you come to edit this later you should probably know that the last ten minutes of conversation was just us mucking around and we really don’t want you to clean/polish/save any of it. We probably should have mentioned that before now, but you know, thought we’d give you something to do, instead of sleeping.
Cheers Doug. Sorry DougMicha!