For Australians there’s really only one TF2 community and that’s ozfortress. If you’re part of ozfortress  there’s a chance you already know the name Tim Bagheri but if you don’t then I’m sure you’ll know him by his nick, wm or WarMaster. He certainly lives up to that nickname. With his assistance ozfortress runs cluster […]

WIP #020: PubComp – The fat lady warbles

Posted on: Dec 11th 2012 by Agro

We finally put PubComp to bed in this episode of WiP. The ambitious attempt to create a web and server system that would allow dramatic customization of competitive play on the fly is a pipe dream many of us have shared. It was not to be. This conversation with the lead SourceMod coder, Vincenator, stands […]

WIP #019: TF2center – Community Solution

Posted on: Dec 5th 2012 by Agro

When you create a solution for TF2 players to come together and scrim you’d better not assume the project is ever done. No matter how good your solution is the players who use it day in and day out will find faults. If you let those faults fester they’ll grate on the players and eventually […]

WIP #017: VanillaTV – Putting the ex in eXtv

Posted on: Nov 16th 2012 by Agro

i46 was a pretty big deal for everyone who either attended or watched the streams from the UK’s largest LAN party, hosted by Multiplay in Telford. That statement is true for a great many people (500+ listed Team Fortress 2 players under one roof including two visiting teams from NA) but especially so for Comedian […]

WIP Update: KritzKast – What we do (part 2)

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012 by Agro

Skype is your friend It’s not really fair that I ask you to record something in part 1 without telling you how to do that. As everyone in KritzKast is located in different parts of the world we started off trying to get a recording in mumble. The results were mixed to poor. The slightest problem with the internet would […]

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