KritzKast #355: Smissmass 2015

Posted on: Dec 24th 2015 by Tempest

Schedule 1 – Outtake – Real Intro 2 – SingAlong – Rocky Theme 3 – Outtake – Renamed 4 – Outtake – Agro’s Heating 5 – Rapping – Crash Rap 6 – Outtake – Doubled Edged Dinosaur 7 – Outtake – BUTT FLUSH! 8 – Outtake – Cauterize the wound 9 – Outtake – you don’t know that you don’t know 10 – Outtake – Work Sucks 11 – Outtake […]

KritzKast #252: Smissmas Outtakes

Posted on: Dec 25th 2013 by Tempest

Smissmass is upon us again and its that time of the year where we open our archives and show all of our screw ups over the last year. However, last year Smissmas it was our 200th episode. So we actually have 2 years worth of outtakes for you. Yes there are a few skits requested by fans and bad christmas karoke for you. But mostly, this is an insight into […]

Australian Kritzmas

Posted on: Dec 25th 2011 by Tempest

Its that time of year again. Where the kritzmas spirit takes over. Although we won’t have a live episode on this day, we do have a gift for all of you. We’ve cracked open the outtake safe, inserted TF2 into a Christmas carol and decimated some Christmas songs. If this doesn’t make you think of Christmas, them nothing will. Apart from you know….all those Christmas adverts. Schedule 1 – Outtakes […]

Kritzmas Unlock

Posted on: Dec 25th 2010 by Tempest

Well we couldn’t let the holidays pass without giving you guys a present now could we. But be warned. This episode contains outtakes, live audio, TF2 christmas skits, poor impressions and horrific singing. But all with Christmas cheer. Schedule 1 – Outtakes – Peguins 2 – Skit – Grinch gets an idea 3 – Outtakes – Panty Talk 4 – Carol – Carol of the Noms 5 – Outtakes – […]

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