Thanks for all the Facebook likes

Posted on: Sep 1st 2013 by Agro

So most of you know we’re got twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages and we do what we can to keep them updated with TF2 type of things. What you may have missed though is that we’re just reached the milestone of 1000 likes on Facebook! This is kind of a big deal for us since we only decided to get into fb properly a while ago and besides everyone likes […]

KritzKast #235: i49

Posted on: Aug 29th 2013 by Agro

Multiplay’s Insomnia events earn their name. i49 has left us all in need of a damn good sleep. As always we celebrated the event with a special episode featuring some of the stars of the show. Our editing space was given to us by our friends over at UKCS. We have to thank the newest additions to our team, Comedian and Skyride who produced some of the best coverage including […]

KritzKast #234: Better than Pipeline

Posted on: Aug 20th 2013 by Agro

Hello, my name is Valve and I’m a TF2 updateaholic. It has been 25 days since my last update and I’m getting the shakes. I’ve started to get my young students to push out videos on their “pipeline” to satisfy my urges by proxy. One with Tom Bui, yes that Tom Bui, another with Michael Abrash¬†but they sort of did a rush half-life, sorry half-assed job and I don’t feel […]

KritzKast #222: Toppling Toys

Posted on: May 30th 2013 by DougRattmann

Its indigogo all the way this week with both US and Australia/New Zealand¬†reaching their targets to bring teams to i49. While we’re on the topic of the UK’s biggest LAN party, someone is looking to set their friend up for a blind date there. Apparently she’s slim, about 5’6″ and into gaming. No words on how old she is but she is from Wales so take that into consideration before […]

KritzKast @ i46 – Ruskeydoo sings

Posted on: Aug 26th 2012 by Tempest

“Would you like a song about revenge and death?” Ruskeydoo asks a blood thirsty crowd one evening in the KritzKast Clanbox.

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