Tempest @ i46 – Thursday

Posted on: Aug 24th 2012 by Tempest

Its half 1 in the morning and this is the first time any of us have had to actually sit down and play games. But even though this day has involved setting up tent purchased minutes before, getting lost thanks to sat-nav’s and lots and lots of cables, It has been so much fun because I’ve been doing it with some of the best people in the world. Ok, so […]

Medals for Insomnia 46 TF2 Highlander

Posted on: Jul 25th 2012 by Ruskeydoo

Hello friends, I’m Ruskeydoo. I make virtual medals for various TF2 events. What is less known in the TF2 context is that I make lots of other stuff too. Anyhow, a while back I idly suggested that it might be fun to make some real life medals for the Insomnia 46 Highlander competition. Most of the ideas I have remain just that as there are only so many hours in […]

KritzKastCon4 – dates and venue

Posted on: May 28th 2012 by Agro

KKC4 is coming to a town near you, so long as you live in Telford UK or alt least you’re visiting there over the weekend of 24-27th August. As a remarkable co-incidence this also happens to be the weekend (and location) of Multiplay’s i46 event. KritzKast will be joining a massive line up of international players, shoutcasters and admins. Including (assuming all goes to plan) eXtine, Greaver, Comedian and Byte, wm and so many […]

KritzKast Live at i43

Posted on: Sep 4th 2011 by Tempest

On the last weekend of August 2011, Tempest and Agro found themselves in Telford for the UK’s largest LAN party: Multiplay Insomnia 43. We walked the floor through row after row after row of computers, finding incredible nuggets ranging from Buffy’s massive 37″ screen to (46.50) William Hemmens’s gorgeous green beast of a machine. With over 2000 participants it wasn’t possible to talk to all but everyone we spoke to […]

KritzKast #132: Insomnia

Posted on: Aug 31st 2011 by Tempest

What is Insomnia 43? Thank you for asking fellow tf2 gamer. Insomnia 43 is the largest Lan party in the UK. It is home to many tournaments and contests and as such attracts some of the best gamers from around Europe. Agro and Tempest took a trip to this magical event and got ambushed by everybody in the European TF2 scene. So there is a lot more than just talking […]

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