KritzKast #200: Cvar_musical 1

Posted on: Dec 24th 2012 by Tempest

Its actually here. Episode 200. A number that most podkasts can only dream of. But the only reason we have been able to live this dream is because of you, the fans. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Now. because its Christmas  and because the number 200 looks so damn good. We are going to treat you. Instead of your usual Episode, we are going to give you […]

KritzKast #119: The Missing Musical

Posted on: Jun 1st 2011 by Tempest

Episode 119…remind me, is that significant in some way? Oh yeah. it was the 119th update that valve celebrated, not 100th. So we are doing the same. We saved our musical from the clutches of episode 100 and now it can be yours to listen to. That right, the Kritzkast musical is here to stay. Track 1 – 2 Teams Track 2 – The Drunken Scottish Demoman Track 3 – […]