KritzKast #426: Uncle Dan, the RTGame man

Posted on: Jun 21st 2017 by Agro

YouTuber and hastily assembled potato lover, TRGame joins us this week. A week when Valve breaks their vow of silence to let us know they are still thinking about palm trees, tigers and vines. Not the wine type, though maybe them as well. Also on this week’s show: RTGame YouTube | Twitch | Twitter Update June 16th 2017 TF2 Blog Post on the Jungle Update! In-theme maps on workshop Crash’s Overgrown | […]

KritzKast #425: ETF2L, black on green

Posted on: Jun 11th 2017 by Agro

For the longest time Europe has had one clear winner when it comes to TF2 esports. Unlike the big pay to complete kings of North America, this giant is free. Run exclusively by volunteers who selflessly give up their free time and energy so that the game they love has a place to be played. Recently the role of head admin has been divided in two, with one half falling […]

KritzKast #424: r TF2

Posted on: Jun 10th 2017 by Agro

We’ve coaxed three of the /r/tf2/ mods out of their safe places to come talk about the subreddit that drives much of the community discussion around Team Fortress 2. Meeting these guys really puts it in balance, the level of sustained professionalism required to look after everyone, and keep this sub one of the best on reddit. Also on the show: SPUF (Steam User Forums) shutting down on June 5th […]